The Hajj 2019

The Hajj - 2019

Ministry of Hajj requested, that they have to create a completely different look and feel for their campaign in 2019 for their information. The campaign talks to the Hajj pilgrims and it happens every year. In 2019, Muslims from around the world participated in the annual Islamic events. The Hajj is a once-in-a-lifetime duty for all Muslims physically and financially able to make the journey

We came up with the new idea of having lifestyle imagery inside the main character, those who attend the Hajj session. Instead of too strict instructions that most people ignore watching, we made an attractive campaign where people enjoy watching yet it will be effective for Hajj pilgrims, so they can follow the ministry rules and regulations.

Entourage Company was honored to participate in the annual Islamic events for which we were nominated, and we have completed the challenge to the fullest.

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