Immersive event journeys through technology

The art of curating events has jumped leaps and bounds in the last decade. With the augment of digitization and avalanche of technologies we have seen, event agencies started building the event journeys with a 180-degree turn. The level of interaction and engagement has ballooned, processes have been simplified, and monitoring & tracking of guest journeys have become seamless.

The importance of event journey design has always dominated the curation process, blending synergies to create a natural flow, avoid roadblocks and give the visitors physical touchpoints for engagement. The role of event management companies was and always will be of creating memorable experiences, differentiating the offering from its competitors, and showcasing unique event technologies and technological advancements.

The last decade brought us a lot of change in the event industry, which forced the event management companies to compete against each other on the parameter of the most effective customer journeys conceptualized with the target audience in mind, using the latest technologies from AR, VR, Hologram, immersive digital hubs, etc. So, the best event management companies today are not only tasked with building the right story and content, but also with the right utilization of technology. What we have seen from the usage of the hologram in the London Olympics 2012 was mind-blowing for the audience while the closing ceremony of Dubai Expo 2020 capitalized on the AR effect to super impress the international audiences. Therefore, today event agencies in the Middle East develop their creative concepts to build their event journey utilizing storytelling as a tool, capitalizing on technology at all touchpoints of the event, starting from online registrations to self-registration kiosks at event venues. We have escalated activations to combine the physical elements with technology to create immersive visual representations. Holograms, robots, drone shows, interactive display screens, AR, VR, interactive event maps, virtual assistants, kinetic sculptures, and structures are all a reality now. As technology has penetrated each and every aspect of our lives, the idea behind using it in events is to add more value, create the illusions of a larger-than-life world and bring innovations to the forefront.

Be it touch-sensitive screens or contactless digital walls responding to gestures, event technology immersive rooms built to inform and educate, holograms that can simulate processes, or even building structures, we are living in a technology-first world where media agencies are evolving every day.

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