Saudi Arabia has a burgeoning industrial and manufacturing sector, but not many people are aware of this fact or recognize the homegrown brands or products due to the sheer lack of awareness. Entourage was given the responsibility to devise an awareness campaign that can highlight the strength of the industrial sector of the kingdom and show the audience that most products they use or consume in their daily lives are locally produced.
As Ramadan is the most important season of the year and people spend time at home with their loved ones, we decided to capitalize on this time to launch an awareness campaign with two different scenarios that simply but effectively communicate the narrative.
Therefore, we came up with a concept involving the Iftar food table to strike an emotional and cultural chord with the audience. The idea was to show that everything on an Iftar table in a Saudi household was made, manufactured, grown, or produced in Saudi. From food to sweets to baked goods to crockery to serving dishes, to fragrances, and more have their roots in Saudi.
Scope: Concept creation & creative development | Casting & direction | Video shoot | TVC production