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Heeding One’s Own Call:
The enchanting allure of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is transformative, with the power to weave its way through the fabric of communities and societies at large, uplifting, and inspiring as it goes.

Guts Gumption and Glory

Led by dreams and guided by aspirations – Young Entrepreneur Sara Tayem tells it like it is.

Uncertainty = Opportunity
Unfolding Opportunity from Uncertainty

Riding the digital wave, the better part of the last three decades has been like a series of short noir movies: sometimes dark, sometimes dystopian, mostly uncertain but always creative. The world gasped as challenge after challenge unfolded, constantly testing the grit of the human mind and spirit.

Uncertainty - The Fuel for Creativity

How embracing the unknown can boost your creative output and yield unexpectedly better results

Uncertainty is a state of mind often associated with anxiety and fear. But what if we told you that uncertainty can be a powerful tool for creativity, only with a positive outlook and confidence in yourself? In this article, we explore how embracing uncertainty can unlock your creativity and help you produce your best work yet.

Creative Economy - Breaking Patterns through Diversity, Innovation, and being Young at Heart

Knowledge and creativity are currencies that could never be exhausted. The more you use them, the more you have them. One begets the other: knowledge leads to creativity through novelty in ideas, creativity forms the bedrock of new knowledge; and together they lead to a phenomenon that breaks the norms, challenges the conventional, and sets foundation for what has come to be known as creative economy.

Why creative youth economy?

According to the World Youth Report (2020), there are 1.2 billion young people aged 15 to 24 years, accounting for 16 percent of the global population. At any given point in time, the youth of that period have been the flagbearers of transformation, change makers of their times. Change is constant, but the drivers of this change have historically been the youth of their times.

In Essence: The Creative Youth Economy

Inventiveness, originality, and imaginativeness all sum up creativity. It defines the power of the human mind to be so brave and bold enabling it to solve problems with unique solutions, think freely, and imagine and implement change in the world.

Rise & Rise Of The Creative Youth Economy

Three terms that are possibly determining the future of business: Creativity, Youth, and Economy! How can a “creative youth economy” contribute to the modern standards of the business world?