entourage was born
out of my ambition,
my desire to create
a haven for
creativity and
I started by finding people who mirror my vision, are courageous enough to stand firm in the face of a challenge, and complement my unabashed, undying belief in Possibilities.
The last 10 years have been exhilarating; learning, growing, failing, and bouncing back again. We have accomplished so much along the way and have learned to conquer challenges and embrace change. ‘Actions speak louder than words’ has always been my personal motto and I have managed to weave it into the fabric of entourage. We don’t make noise, we let the others do that for us. Spanning the last 10 years, we have gained the trust of many regional, and local governments and the biggest international private entities due to our exceptional work ethic and seamless performance. The Dubai government / Dubai Economic Department evaluated our performance among all other SMEs in the Emirate and we were selected as one of the 100 top SME companies in Dubai in 2013 and 2015, ranking #54 and #19, respectively.
What sets us apart is that we don’t change as a response to market demand, we change to elevate the market. We set trends and raise the bar. From being one of the first live communication agencies in the region to being among the first agencies to hold the Middle East Events Awards to being nominated by the Middle East Events Awards in 2022 for “the Industry Icon Award” and “the Best Person in Crisis” in 2021, we have made our mark.
I am very lucky to work with a team of adventurous people, thrill seekers and this reflects in the work we put out. We have worked on ideas big and small. Some were deemed too ‘crazy, weird, quirky, unrealistic’ and still executed, others are still waiting for people who share the same ethos and believe in us as much as we believe in ourselves. Since the inception of the agency, we built our business to revolve around strategy, so that we can actually add value to the client and not just become executors of somebody else’s vision. My team and I have worked on promoting countries, developing Government agendas, and have worked on the full stream of project management for both, private and government sectors, serving as advisers for big Governmental entities in the region like Mohammed Bin Rashid Foundation, SEHA, United Nations, and Ministry of Tourism of Egypt, to name a few.
We understand that a creative vision can be brought to life only if all parties involved are in synergy and work towards achieving the objective of the project. That’s why we hone partnerships with our clients by becoming an integral part of their team and work as one unit to accomplish the common goal.
I invite you to come and be a part of our journey and get a glimpse of some of the amazing work we do.
Welcome home!

Mohammad A. Tayem
Founder & CEO


Being a strategically driven agency, our Consultants, Planners, Storytellers, Creatives, and Project Managers strive to achieve excellence by using their individual and collective faculties honed over the years and bringing the best of their diverse cultural experiences to the table. Our team encompasses multiple nationalities. We meet the highest international standards by utilizing the latest technologies to wow your audiences in each marketing activity we undertake.