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The Power of Storytelling

The concept of storytelling dates back to 1000 years, with cave drawings to carvings on walls gradually taking the written, spoken, and enacted form over the years. From folklores to myths to superstitions, all have been propagated through storytelling. A gripping spoken tale, a well-written book, and a brilliantly made movie have one common ground, a strong story, and an excellent plotline.
The art of storytelling has evolved into many forms and is an integral part of human society. From grandparents telling kids fictional tales to comic books, to teaching & learning methods, stories are built-in our foundation.
Many of us, have taken it one step further to make it our profession. Filmmakers, authors, and marketers, we are all storytellers. The evolution is evident, as the village storyteller was replaced by the radio presenter, who was in turn replaced by TV talk shows, and now in the era of technology and digital media, content creators are the storytellers.
The advertising and marketing world has gone through many changes over the decades, and the medium of delivering the story has also rapidly changed. In today’s day and age, it is imperative that brands keep up with the changing media, developing technology, and ever-evolving trends to make space in this extremely cluttered world of content. Brand visibility, reach, and recall have very strongly come to depend on the stories brands can tell, and on the content that they create. Engaging the audience is key to a successful marketing campaign.
Going back to history, marketing as a definition was built on 4 pillars of services, advertising, PR, events, and media. While we are still using these 4 pillars with their new versions, be it online, programmatic, or digital, we still need to connect the usage of these pillars to deliver the main messages of the brand, using any or all of these pillars to reach the target audience. Hence, today, with this cluttered digital space, the right marketing partner needs to be able to successfully attract and grab the attention of the target audience to deliver and engage with the message. This is where creative genius will come into play. Previously, nice artwork was delivering a message, then came a nice visual with a strong copy enough to do the job, but now you need to have a story tying the creative and the copy together, a story that resonates with the audience. That’s why we are witnessing a shift in how the corporate event industry is tackling marketing with storytelling in terms of brand activation and engagement. So the story starts from the main message, it takes you to an engagement platform, either digital or physical or both, a story that makes the audience think, builds curiosity, and leaves them with the message of the brand.
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