Egypt has long been a popular destination for travelers due to its diverse range of attractions, from the historic pyramids to its stunning beaches and deserts. However, following the political unrest in 2011, Egypt’s tourism industry suffered a significant blow, resulting in a loss of millions in hospitality and tourism revenue.

In 2014, entourage, a brand marketing and event management agency, was tasked with rebuilding Egypt’s tourism brand. Our goal was to attract Arab tourists back to the country by highlighting the rich cultural experiences that Egypt has to offer.

To achieve this, we launched an integrated marketing campaign in 2014 called ‘Misr Wahastoona’ (Egypt Misses You!), which resonated with the emotional connection many Arabs have with Egypt. The campaign included a full advertising blitz with an award-winning TV commercial that captured the essence of Egypt. We strategically placed offline and online ads, sponsored content, PR, and social media campaigns in 9 Arab countries, and even had the Ministry of Tourism Egypt participate in the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) in Dubai.

As the ‘Misr Wahastoona’ campaign gained momentum and started showing results in tourism numbers, we launched another campaign in 2015 called ‘Misr Orayba’ (Egypt is close). The campaign emphasized the idea that Egypt is at the heart of the region and holds a special place in the heart of every Arab individual. We produced four versions of the popular ‘Misr Orayba’ TV commercial and launched a stunning photo shoot across key destinations in Egypt to make the campaign go viral. The launch event was attended by well-known celebrities from the region, as well as the Minister of Tourism, Egypt.

Thanks to our efforts, tourism numbers in Egypt surged within two years of the campaigns, bringing back both revenue and tourists to the country. Our success was recognized in 2015 when we won the Effie Awards MENA for the Best Integrated Campaign for ‘Misr Wahastoona.’

At entourage, we know how to create impactful marketing campaigns that drive results. Our expertise in event management, branding, and marketing strategies allows us to develop integrated campaigns that capture the essence of a destination or brand, and resonate with audiences on an emotional level.

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